Introduction Polaris TRS Outsourcing is a new service of Polaris Systems Engineering Ltd. providing advanced Testing and Repair (ServicesTRS) TRS lab offers test & repair services for FRU/Board level subassemblies to large organizations in the Aerospace, Defense and Industrial markets TRS lab integrates advanced testing equipment, advanced management software, existing infrastructure and skilled human resources. Market need Most OEM, EMS and Customer Support type organizations have to deal with RMA (Repair Material Authorization) processes. Overall RMA operations can reach up to 10% of total operation revenues. The major problems currently faced by the market are: • Cost: The cost of RMA handling, including human resources is very high. • Knowledge: Over the course of a product’s life time, key engineering knowledge is lost. • Outsourcing: Companies want to outsource RMA activities to save costs and increase focus. “There is market demand for a large, organized and reliable TRS lab providing RMA outsourcing services.” Platforms and core technology: A combination of two major technologies: • State of the art Automated Test Equipment for electronic board level test solutions. • TRS lab management infrastructure:

Functional test generation

Central database

management Engineering data Test scenarios

Test results

Repair knowledge

Business intelligence

TRS Lab. Services: Polaris’s TRS Lab providing test automation tooling per unit type, making test faster and cheaper. Possible services provided by the TRS Lab: Tooling and automation Fault validation Repair & preventing maintenance Functional assurance Door to door services Add-on services Polaris TRS Lab is an excellent platform for providing additional engineering services required for supporting products with long lifecycles. These additional services include: Reports & Analysis Re-engineering & reveres engineering Obsolescence Data Storage and knowledge preservation On line monitoring and “alarms on event” mechanism