Polaris Systems Engineering Co. Ltd has been established on January 1999. The company located in Rehovot Tamar Science Park, Israel the second largest Hi-Tech business in Israel.

Polaris CEO, Eli Greenberg has established the company from a life time experience in system engineering, he truly believe that everything is possible.

Our vision is:

  1. To be a leading company in electronic development and ATE
  2. One Stop Shop for all parts of project life – from specification to system
  3. Once and Precise Policy
  4. Being open minded and flexible for the costumer demands
  5. See our costumers and suppliers as our business partners
  6. Growing and developing our interest into both new markets and customers
  7. Being adjustable & agile in a changing and dynamic market
  8. Increase our efficiency according to defined goals
  9. Non-discrimination for gender & race
  10. Employees involvement in the company success
  11. positive feedback to emphasize excellence

The company has more than 80 years accumulated experience of top PhDs and engineers, providing solutions to many of the Israeli Hi Tech and Military oriented companies such as: ELOP, ELBIT, Rafael, IAI, RICOR, Astronautics and more.