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altec CopyStations are universal usable copying, test and programming systems for mobile storage media and mobile devices. The underlying technology is perfectly tailored to the specific application, is easy to use and ensures a high throughput of the flash memory to be copied, tested or programmed.
Optional software modules enhance the hardware product portfolio and further increase efficiency and simplify usage by automating special functions such as serialization.


altec CopyStations have been in use at the widest range of companies worldwide for more than 10 years. You can find altec CopyStations at major manufacturers of smartphones, mobile phones, navigation devices and at leading flash memory producers. altec CopyStations are also used by a large number of smaller firms whose throughput requirements are only medium to low. In other words, they are used for all applications where efficient solutions are needed to transfer data and programs to storage media or mobile devices and if needed, for testing this units. altec copying products leads the world, especially for more complex workflows where you need to combine the copying of data with functions such as programming the  firmware, serialization, copy protection, write protection and access protection in a single process.

  • Robo CopyStation M2

    Worldwide unique automated copying station for 48 mobile memory media in parallel.
  • Robo CopyStation M1

    Worldwide unique automated copying station for 20 mobile memory media in parallel.