2800F_MK2_slide_1AThe dedicated flash memory device programmer not only programs your flash at top speed, but it’s also cost efficient with the use of individual socket cards

Flash memory programming would not be what it is today without BPM Microsystems. We were the first to introduce technology capable of the highest flash memory programming speeds with the Flashstream® device programmer. As a product of our Vector Engine Co-Processor®, the Flashstream offers the fastest NAND and NOR programming speeds as low as 2.5 percent over theoretical minimum and unmatched verify times.

The Vector Engine Advantage
Our Vector Engine Co-Processor accelerates flash memory waveforms during the programming cycle. Faster speeds are achieved through synchronous operations that eliminate the dead times when the DUT waits on the programmer. The result is programming near the theoretical limits of the silicon design — the faster the device, the faster the device is programmed.

Adapting to Today’s Managed NAND Devices
Today, the 2800F-MK2 manual concurrent programmer offers even faster flash memory programming speeds withVector Engine BitBlast. With BitBlast, you’ll achieve record-breaking programming speeds for managed NAND devices that utilize the eMMC interface, drastically increasing your overall throughput. For a dedicated flash memory programmer capable of programming NAND, NOR and serial flash devices up to 64GB at speeds of up to 140 Mbits/second, the 2800F-MK2 programmer is your solution.

High-Quality Socket Cards
Socket cards provide the electro-mechanical interface between your device and the programmer. They’re precisely designed to deliver high-fidelity waveforms to the programmable device, ensuring very high first-pass yield. Each individual socket card can be fully utilized and easily replaced to maintain full programming capacity. Our socket card design, with a receptacle socket option, ultimately increases your manufacturing up-time, produces higher first-pass yield, and saves replacement costs by as much as 75 percent.